New Films Seen in 2013 (80/365)

Ugh. Another run of the mill, dull, pointless horror reboot. Is it really too much to ask to have intelligent characters (I’d even settle for half intelligent) who don’t make the same ridiculous decisions that happen in every single horror? It’s not rocket science to stop reading an evil book when it is screaming at you “STOP READING, DON’T SAY THESE WORDS ALOUD” or walk down a staircase and trust someone who just went all evil and tried to kill you…. This film offered ZERO scares despite what the poster may tell you but for a “serious” version of a horror comedy it did offer plenty of (unintentional) laughs for the audience. Just as annoying as the constant bad decisions are the life threatening injuries and blood loss that only seem to ever give characters a slight limp. And I don’t know if there was an overabundance of limbs on set or what but having half the cast lose one or more limbs loses it’s interest, something a little more original would be nice. Also terrible cinematography and constant panning back and forth isn’t an interesting way to create tension, it’s just super annoying and makes a 90 minute film seem much, much longer.

For the love of God save your money. So glad I saw a preview and didn’t waste mine.


Such a disappointment.

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    just wonderful! can’t wait!
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    I really hope people are ready to see this with me…. I show the trailer to everyone, and all i get is #NOPE #NINNNN...
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